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Batumi  for tourists

Beautiful , paradise city , located on the Black Sea coast . City strewn with beautiful palm trees and many rare varieties of trees . Batumi is the most popular resort of modern Georgia .

Every summer it attracts huge number of tourists . Place equally well as for family holidays and for relaxing with friends . Very well developed tourist infrastructure . Variety of hotels to suit every taste and pocket , cafes, restaurants , bars and nightclubs. Constantly working public transport. Names on transport stops and  also the name of streets, are , as on Georgian  as on English .

The city has changed in recent years. You can find here many hotel brands – Sheraton, Radisson, Intourist, to proffer who prefer to luxury  relax . For those who prefer a more modest vacation, there is a huge choice of 3 -star hotels and houses, where you can rent a room or apartment.

This  city mesmerizing in the morning and night . It does not sleep . Here throbs with life and every minute of this life is endowed with meaning. Nobody want to waste time on sleep.

When you wake up in the morning, you go to the beach. In the morning, there are not a lot of  people, but after dinner , is such that you hardly find space , and  forget about  idea to rent sunbeds, sometimes  simply not enough quantity of . After can go for lunch , the sun is very hot in Batumi , will not allow you to linger on the beach during their lunch time. On the beach  you can find bungalow with many different European and Georgian cuisine , there is a very pleasant atmosphere , playing beautiful music . Here a huge selection of beach entertainment and amusement – parasailing, watercraft , speed inflatable rides , diving . Dolphinarium – perfect show program dolphins with them if you want to swim them, you can . Water park , with lots of different rides and attractions .

Having been in the capital of Adjara , and not try to ” Adjarian khachapuri ” ( puff cheese pie and a raw egg in a boat ) , delicious thing that you will be a lifetime impersonated Batumi .

In the evening you can walk around the city , it is so beautiful that you do not run out and weeks to feel its full beauty . Taking a walk , you will see a lot of new , original statues is like an open air museum , young talent to work hard to turn the city into one big area of ​​arts statue Ali and Nino ( which merge into each other ) , the statues of heroes  from “Madagascar” , “Avatar , “” Pirates of the Caribbean “, a series of figures lovers plenty of other very beautiful statues .


By visiting this city , we recommend

• Visit the Botanical Garden – Garden of Eden on earth. Lovely place, with exotic trees and wild beach

• Repent bicycles on the boulevard at night lit on special designated roads ( bike rentals around the Boulevard )

• Try Adjara Hachapuri

• Take a trip to the area of ​​Sarpi , where crystal-clear water

• A stay in one of the many restaurants with a view of the night Batumi ( such as VOX, Tower)


And of course, for the full component of a memorable vacation , you need transportation , transport that belongs to you , transportation, on which you can travel around the city comfortably. To do this , you can contact the car rental company NANIKO in Batumi. Book the car  in the  sunny city and get double pleasure of traveling .

NANIKO company offers the best prices on all the Black Sea coast , the biggest range of the a convertible cars just in our company,

We are waiting for you in Batumi !

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