About Tbilisi

Tbilisi, capital of Georgia (located in southern center of Eurasia) erenow carrying the name “Tiflis”, is the major city of the region, with growing population of 1.5 million. There is an interesting legend revealing founding of the town. In 5th century(year 458), recent territory was coated with woods. Thereat  King Vakhtang   l Gorgasali ( monarch of Georgia’s ancient precursor Kingdom of Iberia)  went hunting with a falcon (occasionally interchanged with other birds of prey). Falcon chased pheasant and during struggle both birds fell in alongside hot sulfuric spring. When the King found the spring, he came to an idea to build a city instead of forest. And the name itself “Tbilisi” comes from the Georgian word “Tbili” meaning – warm revealing lands atypical nature- multiple sulfuric springs arising from underground; even nowadays there are, many functional, old fashioned bath houses (Tbilisi’s one of  the most outstanding sightseeing). Later King Dachi l Ujarmeli moved capital from Mtskheta to Tbilisi (ergo his father’s testament ). Tbilisi was under board of administration of Russia and partly other neighboring countries, not even once, but attained  complete independence after year 1992.

The city is located in the Eastern side of the country, on both sides of Mtkvari River; surrounded by mountains from three side. City is centralized, with green areas all-around, several lakes and a reservoir- well-known as “Tbilisi’s Sea”, which is a main place to chill and relax on hot summer days (providing such services as sailing, yachting, many sport activities held, newly opened big hotel complex and an aqua park located nearby).

Transportation is developed quite well, roads are in good condition and it’s easy to reach any part of the city, even with public transport. To visit place outside of the town you can easily rent a car or take a cab; as well as train traveling, which is fairly cheap.

Climate is amiable, typical to Caucasia, experiencing cool winters, with rare sediment, average temperature of -10 °C and hot summers with average of +32  °C (but it’s easy to cool down, as there are many parks anв small squares all over the city).

Architecture experiences influence of Bizantine, Russian and European neo-classical styles, with glimpse of Middle Eastern ton. Many functional buildings are in number of sightseeing; including Parliament and Supreme Court of Georgia, many theatres , museums and Universities.  There are many museums and theatres to visit, disclosing colorful culture and rich history of city and country likewise.  Quantity of churches and cathedrals of different historical eras and several fortress portions; such as Narikala fortress, Church Metekhi, Anchiskhati church, Sioni cathedral, etc.

Including several luxurious hotel and lots of low-rate hotels and guesthouses, providing excellent hospitality, as per traditions, won’t leave anyone displeased. And in many respects loved and astonishing with various fragrances Georgian Cuisine, is always biggest interest for foreign guests. In order, city provides wide variety of luxurious or traditional restaurants, bunch of small (theme loaded) cafes, pubs, drinking establishments (known under the name “Samikitno” ) and a lot of lounges and clubs offering fascinating nightlife.

Taking everything in account, Tbilisi is marvelous city to blend with its atmosphere and broad coziness.